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Cloud Confidence

Automated Multi-Cloud Cost Optimisation SaaS 

No scripts, No coding, No hassle. 

Save up to 65% on scheduled resources

Automate control over your cloud costs

Automates Scaling of cloud instances


find and clean up orphaned resources

Optimise your cloud resources and deliver up to 65% monthly savings.

AVMS advanced automated scheduling capability by instance, subscription or tenant. No scripts, No coding, No hassle. 

Cloud Cost Optimisation

Automate the scheduling of your cloud assets

Advanced Reporting

Cloud cost reporting tools to gain greater understanding of your cloud costs and optimise budgets.

Current and future cost projection

Easily review current cloud costs, savings and future cost projections.


Maxmise your budget my removing orphaned resource and specification wasrte.

Automate cost optimisation. Impeccable Reliability.

AVMS cloud optimisation SaaS is designed to deliver automated and easy to use cloud cost solutions to enterprises. AVMS advanced scheduling allows you to manage cloud resources easily, with little hassle and securely to ensure that your budgets are being maximised.

Eighty One - 81% of CIO's in 2021 have said that cloud cost optimisation is their number 1 priority. AVMS delivers on this goal, giving visibility of cloud consumption and spend and the ability to easily identify those cloud resources.


Are You Ready to achieve Cloud Confidence?

AVMS partners with Managed Services and Cloud Services providers to provide significant value add with our cost optimisation tools. 

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