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Dive Into the New Age of Cloud Optimisation

Our Services

Cloud Advanced Scheduling

Automated advanced cloud resource scheduling. Manage the cost profile of resources per, resource, subscriptions or tenant. Flexible, agile and simple. 

Deliver up to 60% savings back to your cloud budgets

Customers using AVMS have seen up to 60% on their cloud resource costs allowing them to reallocate elsewhere or deliver saving to bottom line on cloud opex costs.

Versatility in Application

Manage your cloud resources online, through our portal or our mobile app coming Q3 2021. Get alerts, turn resource on / off or amended schedules. 

Visibility and Reporting

With AVMS - Cloud confidence you can easily see your most expensive resources and delivery cost and usage reporting. Rightsizing information and identify under use of orphaned resources. Deliver and report on your cost profile for any time period to Power Apps or Excel. 

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

AVMS - cloud confidence can be used to API into your NOC management system to deliver cost optimisation information to the right hands at the right time. 

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