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Our Mission

AVMS - Cloud confidence mission is simple. To be your organisation's central hub for all things cloud cost optimisation. AVMS will make managing your cost, flexible and easy. Any new cost optimisation capability release by our supported cloud we will integrate into our platform. Giving your organisation complete and agile control over Cloud costs and growth. 

Our Story

AVMS was founded with over 60 years experience in the technology industry behind it. With much of that experience in cloud consumption and optimisation.

Identifying that organisation's IT costs were growing in a more complicated fashion through increase cloud adoption and often in a unstructured way. We developed AVMS to visibility and remediation capabilities to have complete visibility to manage costs and budgets. 

Starting with Microsoft Azure support, we will be bringing our cloud confidence to AWS, Google Cloud and Alibaba users too. 

Ben McGahon, CEO of AVMS has over 25 years experience leading an enterprise technology company. Working with the world largest corporations to design, deliver, implement and manage large scale data centre implementation for enterprises. 

"CIO and CFO's number one priority over the last few and the coming years is to deliver cloud optimisation, a significant element of this is around costs and management to their organisations cloud budgets. AVMS delivers significantly toward this by delivering that ability to ensure cloud budgets are utilised in a controlled and granular fashion". 

Experienced Leadership

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